Final Project/ Assestment



The lines I used in my designs were big and small lines and the shapes I used were the ones on the paper which was circles. I also used a variety of colors since we were given the freedom to but, wanted to keep the background black since of the various colors I knew I was going to use. I believe the composition is balanced and it is asymmetrical. There are a lot of convex and concave lines as seen with the lines in the back as well as the various circles. I made my primary focal point the white spot and this composition does adhere to the rule of thirds. The painting creates space over all and depth by the various lines and the little shading I did around the big circles and such.

The emotion and idea I planned to convey was energetic. I chose this word since my friend told me that it best describes me. One way I wanted to convey it is by having a black background since I believe that generally when you think of energetic you don’t think of black but, since my original intention was to use various colors to convey my emotion instead I should use something that really contrasted them. I also used repetition since I think when your energetic you can do a lot of things very fast and well and a lot of times when I’m energetic I do a lot of repetitive things. I chose the circle since of the symbol it represents to me which is energy.

I think one of the things I could do to improve on this mainly is the painting but, I believe I used positive and negative space efficiently since overall the space does feel filled up. I used the white paint as a focal point since I wanted to give the viewer a sense of relief for their eye because of all the colors. The composition does have visual flow that starts from the green arrow like thing all the way to the implied circle at the other end of the paper. There is harmony I feel like since overall it does look pleasing to the eye and it doesn’t feel to crazy as well as asymmetrical balance. I think over all my design does convey my intended meaning of energetic.

Color Scheme Paintings

1210161925_hdrThis project we had to continue the thumbnails and then finalize them. I changed the design since it didn’t follow the rule of thirds as well as I didn’t like the composition in the end. This composition I believe was much better. For the monochromatic scheme I used blue and I believe it was successful,¬†especially with how I created depth with the big circle in the front. I also think I created movement with the two different colors near the “arc” of the painting with the one on the right. The one in the middle I created great depth with the “pyramid” in the back and how I did the “sky” in the background I like since it creates very nice depth with the different values of red. It takes a more ominous feel I think. The one on the right creates a very mellow feel since of the main colors I used, green, blue green and yellow green. It creates depth and such with the various values that I used with those there analogous color scheme.

Self Portrait

1128160959_hdrThis project we were supposed to create a self portrait of our face using value. I’m unfortunately not the best with painting but, I think this came out pretty good with my skill. I showed or created depth on my face especially by using the white where the light was hitting my face and then the gray which showed more of the shadow. I also like how I show the indentation of my face where my eyes were and the space under my nose bridge. I cut all the pieces with a x-acto knife and filled in any blank spaces I had with the scraps. I wish I did my eye better a bit as well as the value gradation but, since I’m not to sure on how much paint to add when I made the gradation a lot of my values are out very similar. This project is then glued on a piece of paper which was then mounted on bristol board.



This project we had to show various texture both tactile and non-tactile. The non tactile texture was a texture that looks like you had to touch on your own and the texture was something that looks like it has texture. I tried to do the best I could, but unfortunately the nature of fabric with this one just frays at the edges. It was a bit hard to match the shapes also since of how abstract they were. I feel like the composition is pretty surreal and interesting. My piece shows a lot of lines both real and implied lines. The illusion of movement and depth I tried to convey by using the different ways of hatching, cross- hatching and stippling. My word was graceful and so my lines reflect that in that a large number of the “base” lines are very fluid or wind like. I also mounted my piece to the back of bristle board.

Directional Dominance



This project we had to create directional dominance along with the illusion of depth. I believe that the whole picture place is activated since all of the spaces seem filled as well as the whole picture plane is used. I tried to convey subtle conflict with implied lines with the action lines and the “orbs”. I made the orb go clockwise while the visible “action” lines go counter clockwise. There are many values within the composition mainly with the orbs. I tried to create the illusion of light by changing where the shading was and by using stripling to help with it. I also changed the value of it the closer you get to the center of the radial point as you can see with some of the “orbs” being fully encased in stripling. I also used the action lines as a form of shading by hatching them with different thicknesses and spacing. The final design has been executed in a professional matter I believe as I have mounted it on the Bristol board and used a range of pens ranging from small to bold.

Shape, Space and Composition


The composition is non representational and I believe it does have visual flow since my eye goes directly from the left composition to the right and drags everything along the path. I feel like it does utilize the entire picture plane effectively. I think the shapes are interesting since as I was looking at it constantly I actually reminded me of a face that wasn’t intentional. I reminded me of a Pokemon, Hoopa for some reason, mainly the face. I do feel like the negative space and positive space is somewhat used but, I kinda wished I used and wanted to see more of the random “arrow” shapes around the corners since it does seem a bit empty to me but, I’m more of a fan of more is enough or more needs more. I feel like it has been executed in a somewhat professional manner but, unfortunately I had some issues with the glue….