Photo Grids

0925161831aThis project was about taking photos of things that were similar and I chose words since after thinking about it for a bit, I wondered if people ever really wondered about words. I chose books that ranged from 7+ years old books like Ronald Dahl’s “The Witches” to the ones that i’ve enjoyed a month ago like to “The World’s Most Evil Psychopaths”. This piece of work consist of twelve photos in a grid like manner, I tried to incorporate different fonts and the background color of each photographs i’ve tried to put it in a way that it goes from light to dark. I feel like I was successful in using the grid as an organizational tool and it does establish a flow of some sort. I used a ruler to mark the pictures and played around with it and then went to cutting. Once I cut them, I mounted them down using simple glue. I believe the final design has been executed to the best of my ability.


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