Project 3: Variation of line


Yes, my design does include a primary focal point. The focal point is where all the lines meet, that sort of radial “center”. I feel like my piece of work does have visual flow as well. With a majority of the lines being curvilinear and such I feel like the flow starts from the outer ends of the page and sorta swirls into where most of the lines radiate from. My line characteristics are mainly curvilinear on the outer ends of the picture plane and then we also have many actual lines and then some implied lines as well. The variation of line in terms of the thickness I tried to blend to the best of my ability but unfortunately I feel like I wasn’t as successful. I like my mixture of bold and fine lines with the grid in the picture but, the crescent in there I tried to make it from small to fine but, unfortunately wasn’t as succsessful as I hopped I was. I feel like all spaces both positive and negative spaces are used well since when looking at the composition, I felt like it was missing something but, after looking at it various times it felt complete and just right. Not to messy but enough so that your eye didn’t feel like it was missing anything for the most part.


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