Directional Dominance



This project we had to create directional dominance along with the illusion of depth. I believe that the whole picture place is activated since all of the spaces seem filled as well as the whole picture plane is used. I tried to convey subtle conflict with implied lines with the action lines and the “orbs”. I made the orb go clockwise while the visible “action” lines go counter clockwise. There are many values within the composition mainly with the orbs. I tried to create the illusion of light by changing where the shading was and by using stripling to help with it. I also changed the value of it the closer you get to the center of the radial point as you can see with some of the “orbs” being fully encased in stripling. I also used the action lines as a form of shading by hatching them with different thicknesses and spacing. The final design has been executed in a professional matter I believe as I have mounted it on the Bristol board and used a range of pens ranging from small to bold.


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