Color Scheme Paintings

1210161925_hdrThis project we had to continue the thumbnails and then finalize them. I changed the design since it didn’t follow the rule of thirds as well as I didn’t like the composition in the end. This composition I believe was much better. For the monochromatic scheme I used blue and I believe it was successful, especially with how I created depth with the big circle in the front. I also think I created movement with the two different colors near the “arc” of the painting with the one on the right. The one in the middle I created great depth with the “pyramid” in the back and how I did the “sky” in the background I like since it creates very nice depth with the different values of red. It takes a more ominous feel I think. The one on the right creates a very mellow feel since of the main colors I used, green, blue green and yellow green. It creates depth and such with the various values that I used with those there analogous color scheme.


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