Final Project/ Assestment



The lines I used in my designs were big and small lines and the shapes I used were the ones on the paper which was circles. I also used a variety of colors since we were given the freedom to but, wanted to keep the background black since of the various colors I knew I was going to use. I believe the composition is balanced and it is asymmetrical. There are a lot of convex and concave lines as seen with the lines in the back as well as the various circles. I made my primary focal point the white spot and this composition does adhere to the rule of thirds. The painting creates space over all and depth by the various lines and the little shading I did around the big circles and such.

The emotion and idea I planned to convey was energetic. I chose this word since my friend told me that it best describes me. One way I wanted to convey it is by having a black background since I believe that generally when you think of energetic you don’t think of black but, since my original intention was to use various colors to convey my emotion instead I should use something that really contrasted them. I also used repetition since I think when your energetic you can do a lot of things very fast and well and a lot of times when I’m energetic I do a lot of repetitive things. I chose the circle since of the symbol it represents to me which is energy.

I think one of the things I could do to improve on this mainly is the painting but, I believe I used positive and negative space efficiently since overall the space does feel filled up. I used the white paint as a focal point since I wanted to give the viewer a sense of relief for their eye because of all the colors. The composition does have visual flow that starts from the green arrow like thing all the way to the implied circle at the other end of the paper. There is harmony I feel like since overall it does look pleasing to the eye and it doesn’t feel to crazy as well as asymmetrical balance. I think over all my design does convey my intended meaning of energetic.


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