13576655_10209306395155183_1881279944806703515_o My name is Ram Gigantone, and I’m currently a student at Westchester Community College and I study Fashion Design and Technology. I’m one of those weirdos where I’ll just stop walking and stare at something. I’m an aspiring fashion designer where I would like to have my own brand one day, I love sewing, dancing, and music and anything pop art or art in general. If I’m not doing that or at work, you can usually catch me watching tv which is where I get half of my inspirations from but, mind you I dwell in the realm of cartoons and anime. I also love gardening which for some strange reason I have this fascination with mint plants. Also love animals, even ones that I’m scared of. Right now I currently have a dog with my fiancĂ© and a cat over seas (he’s on his way here though). Thank you for taking the time to read this and visiting!